F.I.G.'s MyWealth Platform keeps your entire financial life right at your fingertips.

All Your Accounts in One Place


With the MyWeatlh Platform, you can tie in every financial account you have. In most cases, if it has an online log-in, it can automatically pull in all transactions and values on a daily basis, constantly keeping you up to date. It’s a great place to stay informed on all of your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, 401k, investment accounts, insurance and more. MyWealth serves as the back bone for our financial planning services, which help us guide you for the decades ahead.

Instant Reports

Getting a loan or quickly need an updated balance sheet? With MyWealth, you can instantly run one off. No more trying to keep exhausting spread sheets up to date.

Holistic View

See all of your financial life in one place, not just your accounts managed by us, all under one log-in.

Keeping You on Track


MyWealth keeps both you and F.I.G. informed about your financial picture. Having the most recent data is crucial to having an accurate and relevant financial plan. MyWealth helps us manage and track all of this data. For the client, it also enables them to perform budgeting and expense tracking, automatically. It allows you to know where your money has been spent, which allows us to guide you on where improvement might be available. No matter if your early in your career or late into retirement, expense tracking is hugely important to you on track.

Expenses & Budgeting

Line item expense tracking, letting you categorize and see all of your financial transactions in one place. Whether you only have one credit card or many, MyWealth can pull all the data in to help you keep track.


Keeping your data relevant and up-to-date, MyWealth lets us give you the most informed advice and helps you make decisions based on meaningful information, allowing you to stay on track with your financial plan.

Our Financial Planning Back Bone


Within MyWealth, we have the ability to adjust each variable to see exactly how it may impact your financial plan. Looking to purchase a new home? Want fund your nephew’s college? Ready to make a large donation? Within a few clicks, let us show you the overall impact on your plan as well as alternative ideas that may better suit your financial future.

Timing of Decisions

Timing of certain events can also be crucial to your plan, such as when and how to file for social security. We can quickly show you the impact of various scenarios, letting you make the most informed decision rather than just taking our word for it.

What if...

What if your investment performance changed? What if tax rates increased? What if inflation skyrocketed? What if we took less risk? What if... we can visually show you how changing each variable could impact your financial future, helping us stay prepared for every outcome.

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