The Markets:

The S&P 500 Index racked up its first weekly loss of the year, snapping a seven-week winning streak. The Dow Jones Industrials, however, eked out a 0.1% advance and finished the week at 14,000.57.

Stocks weakened today with concerns over the election in Italy and the “sequester” looming in Washington, D.C.  The Dow broke below the 14,000 mark closing at 13,784.17.  Gold and silver prices rose.

We are still of the opinion that stocks could move sideways with movements both up and down in the short term at this point moving forward over next few months.  We continue to feel commodity prices could outperform stocks in general over the next 12-18 months ahead.  We have lessened our exposure to stocks/stock funds for all risk levels since last November, and are now somewhat “underweighted” in stocks for each of our risk levels compared to normal allocation amounts.  We will keep you advised.

Sequester or Not?

What is the “sequester”?  It refers to the automatic budget cuts for Government spending that are set to take place on Friday with some delayed until March 27th unless Congress and the White House can come to some agreement before the deadline.  The result of the automatic cuts probably won’t be a disaster as many would have you believe, as they are less than 3% of overall Government spending, a very small change given the magnitude of total spending.  The problem is that the cuts are across the board without consideration of specific services/categories.  It appears entitlement programs will feel very little affect, if any, should this occur. The following graph from the Heritage Foundation illustrates the projected cuts over the next 10 years:

Image from “Chart of the Week: Sequestration Cuts 2.4 Percent out of Total Spending” by the Heritage Foundation.
Image from “Chart of the Week: Sequestration Cuts 2.4 Percent out of Total Spending” by the Heritage Foundation.



The Chicago Federal Reserve reported two weeks ago that farmland prices in the Midwest are up 16% from a year ago, the third largest increase since the late 1970s, including a 20% rise in Iowa and an 18% rise in Michigan.  Is inflation really under 2% per year?  If depends on who you ask and how you calculate it!

Italian Elections:

Italy’s presidential election that was held yesterday and today is initially showing a possible indication that the results may move Italy back towards more Government spending again and away from austerity.  The future of Italian financial reforms are in question after former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s alliance had a strong showing in projections from Italy’s bitterly contested general election.  Final results are still not available, but this uncertainty helped push stocks lower in Europe and the U.S. today. (MarketWatch)  Investors would like to see an outcome that does not endanger reforms put in place by the last prime minster. These reforms have helped calm credit markets and removed one headwind for stocks.

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