The Young Professional


We get it. In this phase of life, it can be incredibly difficult to get help with your financial future. Most either require you to have a large amount of investable assets or want you to purchase expensive insurance or planning products. That is not us. We know you are the future. We have created a specific program designed to help develop you into one of our ideal asset management clients. We are willing to invest in you, and we believe our success depends on it. Contact us today to learn more. It is important to get started on a strong foundation. Let us help.

Have a 401k or Other Retirement Plan?

Common Demographics

Medical Professional, Young Doctors and Dentists, Hygienists, Energy Professionals, Engineers, Therapists and Many More

Common Issues & Needs

Potential disability and life insurance needs, saving, budgeting, financial education, inadequate financial and future planning, 401k assistance, and more



If you find yourself in this phase, then you have been working for several years now. You may have some funds ready to invest or need help with your company’s 401(k) plan. More than anything, you need some guidance on what to do next. You may want to know what insurance coverage is appropriate for you and your family. We’re here for you. Contact us today and schedule your free initial consultation. We will walk you through what we can offer and how we can help.

Have an Old 401k Plan?

Common Demographics

Energy Executives, Doctors and Dentists, Engineers, Business Owners, Professionals and Many More

Common Issues & Needs

Financial Planning, Children's Education Planning, 401k Advice, Tax Planning, Properly Insured, Estate Planning, Proper Budgeting, Saving & Growing Investment Portfolio

Nearing Retirement


Getting close to retirement can be an intimidating time. Do you have enough saved to last your lifetime? How much can you afford to spend? Is your family properly taken care of? What type of accounts should you withdraw from first? When should you file for Social Security? What about spousal benefits? Let us walk you through the process and show you what is possible. With our robust technology platforms, we can show you how your retirement can change by tweaking certain aspects of your plan. We will make sure you are properly informed and take care of the investment management for you. Contact us today for your free initial consultation.

Find Out if You're Properly Invested

Common Demographics

Energy Executives, Doctors and Dentists, Engineers, Business Owners, Professionals and Many More

Common Issues & Needs

Strong Financial Planning, Reviewing Insurance, Estate Planning, Retirement Education, Social Security Planning, Budgeting, Philanthropic Endeavors, Lifestyle Calculations

We strive to provide unbiased & independent wealth management services to a discerning clientele.

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Those who have lost a loved one make up a significant portion of our clientele, in particular widow(er)s, and we have a unique understanding of the difficulties of dealing with finances on your own.  No matter your level of financial education, we can adjust our conversation to help you better understand.  We review or build your financial plan to make sure you are informed and prepared for the years ahead.  We are here for you.  Contact us today to get the conversation started.

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Being in this phase, you are now focused on making your savings and investments last. We take on the management of your investments for you, helping you protect what you have saved and potentially earn enough to fulfill all your financial goals in retirement. F.I.G. can help you look at various philanthropic opportunities that best fits you and your family’s needs. We help you withdraw your assets in the most tax-efficient manner, as well as making sure all RMDs are made to avoid any unnecessary tax penalties. Reviewing your estate plan will also be crucial at this stage. It is important to make sure everything is outlined to your wishes, and you have properly prepared for any eventual transfer of wealth. Contact us today to get the conversation started.

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It is never too early or late to start a conversation with us. We always welcome anyone to contact us for a free initial consultation, so we can better explore how we may be of assistance to you. Please contact us today to get the process started. It never hurts to get a second opinion. Your financial future may depend on it.

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