fi·​du·​cia·​ry\ fə-ˈdü-shē-ˌer-ē \

of, relating to, or involving a confidence or trust

How We Get Paid

Unlike many other providers in the financial industry, we thrive on transparency to our clients, keeping our interests aligned.

Investment Services


Our investment management services are provided solely on a fee-basis. We do not make commissions, and we do not get paid differently based on what investments we choose. We only get paid directly by the client. This fee is always clearly & transparently disclosed on each statement. Additionally, we do not receive any form of compensation from our partners. We believe this directly aligns our interests with our clients, allowing us to make the best recommendations possible without any concern for the presence of conflict of interests. Also, with our current custodian partner, we only pay fees on a basis point level. Meaning, we do not have any direct transaction costs. We can always make what we believe the best decision is without any concern for trade restrictions of size or cost.


It's easy for our clients to see what we were paid. If you can't find your advisors' fee, look closer. It may be disguised in commission and difficult to understand. We disagree with these practices, which is why we are solely fee based for our investment management services.

Always Aligned

Did you know some advisors take 7% or more commissions from investments they put their clients' money in? This could incentivize the advisor to invest in the highest commission products. Our investment services do not receive any form of commission, removing this concern. Additionally, if we choose poor investments that lose value, since we are fee-based, our fee will also decrease.

Insurance Products


When we make recommendations for insurance products such as life or disability insurance, it is always on a needs basis. Meaning, we take time to plan with the clients and show exactly what shortfalls may occur and only protect for those unfortunate outcomes. Where some advisors are solely selling insurance, their business depends on creating commissions. This practice mis-aligns the interests of the advisor and clients, which can create conflicts of interest. We believe insurance should only be used for the protection of a certain risks and not as an investment vehicle. In almost all cases, there are better investment options for your long-term goals than getting stuck in an annuity, life insurance or long-term care policy. For example, we always promote term life insurance, especially for younger clients. Additionally, due to our independence, we have the benefit of accessing insurance products from a large pool of strong providers with competitive pricing, unlike those advisors who are only selling one company’s product.

Long-term Planning

We sit down with clients to explain the costly differences between some insurance products and how it can be detrimental to their plan. In most cases, choosing the lower cost policy and investing the savings with us instead should lead to a significantly better financial future. While some insurance may be promoted as "safer," we believe that individuals sometimes do not take on enough risk, placing their financial future in jeopardy.

Avoid Costly Policies

Be skeptical of anyone trying to sell you an expensive life insurance or long-term care policy. Typically when we compare term to a whole life policy, term may be one tenth of the cost. The client will be substantially better off in the future selecting the term policy and investing the difference. Additionally, the insurance salesman will be ten times the amount for whole life, so you can imagine the mis-alignment of interests between the salesman and client.

We strive to provide unbiased & independent wealth management services to a discerning clientele.

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